Article Id: ARCC3284 | Page : 170 - 172
Citation :- HAEMATOLOGICAL STUDIES ON CROSSBRED HEIFERS WITH ANOESTRUS.Indian Journal Of Animal Research.2006.(40):170 - 172
A. Somarendro Singh and O. Nirmalkumar Singh
Address : College of Agriculture, Central Agricultural University, Iroisemba, Imphal, Manipur - 795001, India


An experiment was conducted in order to investigate the status of haemato-biochemical
constituents in cross-bred (Jersey x non-descript) heifers during anoestrus or oestrus condition.
Blood samples were collected from the jugular vein of 9 selected animals showing anoestrus
about 3 -4 years of age and from equal number of crossbred heifers during the overt of heat sign
(within 14 hours from the onset of heat) having similar age group for comparison. Haemoglobin,
packed cell volume and red blood cell count were significantly (P <0.05) lower and total leukocyte
count was significantly (P0.05) higher in an anoestus group. Of differential leukocyte count,
the neutrophil was higher (P 0.01) in anoestrus group tha that in oestrus group (41.67% vs.
32.33). These findings indicate that anoestrus cross-bred heifers had marked alteration in the
characters of haematological constituents



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