Article Id: ARCC3198 | Page : 147 - 150
Citation :- PERFORMANCE OF PASHMINA (CASHMERE) GOATS AT MUKTESWAR.Indian Journal Of Animal Research.2007.(41):147 - 150
C. Ramakrishna, V.B. Chaturvedi, Arvind Kumar and V. Bhanuprakash
Address : Division of Temperate Animal Husbandry, Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Mukteswar - Kumaon, District: Nainital, Uttaranchal - 263 138 India


The performance of Pashmina goats (Chegu, Changthangi, Chegu x Changthangi and
Chegu x local) reared at Mukteswar (2100m MSL) was studied in terms of annual yield, length
and diameter of Pashmina fibres over a period of 5 years (2000 to 2004). The average annual
yield of Pashmina was 101.77+2.89 (n-367) g/goat. The average length (cm) and diameter
(um) of Pashmina fibres were 5.98+0.03cm (n-292) and 12.88+0.54um (n-292), respectively.
The yield of Pashmina linearly increased with the age of the goats. There was non significant
(P010) increase in average annual yield (g/goat) of Pashmina in males (116.96+9.00 (n-68)
compared to females (98.32+2.86 (n-299). The length and diameter of the Pashmina fibres
were higher in the goats which yielded more quantity (g/goat) of Pashmina. The quality and
quantity of Pashmina obtained from goats reared at Mukteswar (2100m MSL) during present
period of study was found to be poorer than obtained from goats reared during 1990s.



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