Article Id: ARCC3183 | Page : 77 - 78
Citation :- A STUDY ON COAT COLOUR IN ONGOLE CALVES*.Indian Journal Of Animal Research.2007.(41):77 - 78
R. Vinoo, G. Narasimha Rao1, B. Ramesh Gupta2 and K. Babu Rao
Address : Cattle Project, Lam Farm, Guntur - 522 034, India


The data on 61 Ongole calves on the number of days for the change of coat colour from red at
birth to white at later age were analyzed. The overall percentages of calves born with red and white coat were 47.21 and 52.79, respectively. The overall least squares mean number of days for
change of coat colour in Ongole calves was 315.13±12.53 days. Period of birth had significant
effect on the number of days to change the coat colour, while the season of birth and sex of calf had no significant influence.



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