Article Id: ARCC2398 | Page : 294-295
Citation :- BIOCHEMICAL CHANGES DURING PREGNANCY IN BITCHES*.Indian Journal Of Animal Research.2008.(42):294-295
A. Vijayarajan1, V. Vijayanand2 and J. Rajasekaran3
Address : Veterinary University Peripheral Hospital , TANUVAS, Madhavaram Milk Colony, Chennai-600 051, India


Early pregnancy diagnosis in biches can also be made based on the biochemical changes
namely decreasing plasma protein and albumin levels in the 1st (0-23 days) and 2nd (24-42 days)
trimester of pregnancy and elevated fibrinogen levels in the 1st and first half of 2nd trimester (24-
32 days), in addition to abdominal palpation and ultrasonography.


Biochemical changes pregnancy bitch.


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