Article Id: ARCC2397 | Page : 291-293
Citation :- HISTOENZYMIC STUDIES OF THE EPIDIDYMIS IN RAT (RATTUS NORWEGICUS).Indian Journal Of Animal Research.2008.(42):291-293
C.V. Rajani, Geetha Ramesh and C. Vijayaragavan
Address : Department of Anatomy, Madras Veterianary College, Chennai-600 007, India


Histoenzymic study of the epididymis in rat was conducted in both prepubertal and postpubertal
animals. The initial segment showed intense reaction for acid phosphatase. The reaction of alkaline
phosphatase is basal in the initial, middle and terminal segments. Adenosine triphosphatase showed
intense reaction in the apical protion, whereas, for glucose 6-phosphatase, the activity was basal in
the middle and terminal segments. Intense reaction for succinate dedydrogenase noted in sperms
and edididymal cells.



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