Article Id: ARCC2366 | Page : 180-185
Citation :- HISTOGENESIS OF WHITE MATTER IN THE SPINAL CORD OF GOAT FOETUSES*.Indian Journal Of Animal Research.2008.(42):180-185
S. Maya, J.J. Chungath, K.R. Harshan and N. Ashok
Address : Department of Veterinary Anatomy and Histology, College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Mannuthy, Kerala – 680 651, India


Histogenesis of white matter of the spinal cord in goat was studied using 52 foetuses of various
ages. By second month of gestation, the white matter became arranged in three funiculi. Thickness
of white matter increased from fourth to fifth month and also from sacral region towards cervical
region in the fifth month. The lateral funiculus exceeded all other funiculi in thickness. The fibre
tracts like fasciculus gracilis, fasciculus cuneatus, dorsolateral fasciculus of Lissaeur, medial
vestibulospinal tract and medial longitudinal fasciculus could be identified by middle of second
month. Vascularity and cell density increased as the age advanced from middle of the second
month onwards.



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