Article Id: ARCC181 | Page : 479-485
Vijayanti Jakhar*, R.C. Sihag and S.K. Gahlawat1
Address : Department of Zoology Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar- 125004, India


Recently, an increasing number of shrimp farms have raised concern over prawn health because of their economic impact on farm operations. This study was aimed to investigate diseases in giant freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii de Man) in Haryana. The freshwater prawns (M. rosenbergii) being cultured in all the fish farms surveyed (2006 to 2009) were found to be infected with diseases. The diseases in prawns appeared in the months of September–November. The range of level of infestation was variable at the three fish farms. Due to diseases the prawns are at risk of mortality especially, shell disease. The bacteria were subjected to a number of important biological tests and identified with the help of Computer Programme, PIBWin. The confirmation of these bacteria was done with the help of growth of pure culture of these isolates on the selective media. Seven bacterial types were isolated and identified from the diseased prawn. The pathogenicity of these bacteria was tested through in vitro and in vivo tests.


Diseases Freshwater prawn.


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