Article Id: ARCC164 | Page : 397-401
Citation :- ADOPTION LEVEL OF SHEEP FARMING PRACTICES IN ARID ZONE OF RAJASTHAN, INDIA.Indian Journal Of Animal Research.2013.(47):397-401
M.L. Meena* and Dheeraj Singh
Address : Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Central Arid Zone Research Institute, Pali-Marwar- 306 401, India


This study was conducted in Pali district selected purposely for the study as the first phase of the project was in operation only in this district. The sample size was limited to 200 participants from projected area and 100 non-participants from non-projected area considering the time and other resources available for the study. Thus, in all 300 farmers constituted the sample of the study. The results of the study revealed that 46.50 and 40.00 per cent of the participant farmers were in the medium and high levels of adoption of recommended practices respectively, whereas 51.00 and 43.00 per cent of non- participant farmers in the control village were in the medium and low levels of adoption, respectively. The extent of adoption of participant farmers was strikingly more than that of the non-participant farmers and there existed significant difference between the two groups. In the case of non-participant farmers, majority of them were non-adopters of various recommended practices except in practices such as period of grazing and feeding of tree leaves in summer.


Adoption Rajasthan Recommended practices Sheep farming


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