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Agricultural Reviews, volume 40 issue 3 (september 2019) : 234-238

Seed Aging, Storage and Deterioration: An Irresistible Physiological Phenomenon

Rohit Chhabra, Shabnam, Tavisha Singh
1<div style="text-align:justify">Department of Botany, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana</div>
Cite article:- Chhabra Rohit, Shabnam, Singh Tavisha (2019). Seed Aging, Storage and Deterioration: An Irresistible Physiological Phenomenon . Agricultural Reviews. 40(3): 234-238. doi: 10.18805/ag.R-1914.
The need for increased seed quality has become a priority necessary to face the current demand for high standards in the agricultural market. The various factors which contribute to the loss in seed quality, viability and vigour which can be either physical or physiological. Seed deterioration and ageing are considered as a force to reckon the depletion in food reserve, increased fat acidity, increased enzyme activity and membrane permeability. Quality and viability of seed during storage processes chiefly depends upon the initial status of the seed health and the manner in which it is stored. Achieving appropriate techniques can help to curtail the current agricultural crisis leading to expose of healthy plantlets in farming sector. This research review attempts to summarize and enlighten the various aspects of seed related features such as viability, ageing and deterioration.
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