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Agricultural Reviews, volume 36 issue 4 (december 2015) : 251-264

Seed priming techniques in field crops - A review

Harmeet Singh*, Rupinder Kaur Jassal, J.S. Kang, S.S Sandhu, Harrajdeep Kang1, Kamaljit Grewal2
1<p>Department of Agronomy,&nbsp;Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana &ndash; 141 004, India.</p>
Cite article:- Singh* Harmeet, Jassal Kaur Rupinder, Kang J.S., Sandhu S.S, Kang1 Harrajdeep, Grewal2 Kamaljit (2015). Seed priming techniques in field crops - A review . Agricultural Reviews. 36(4): 251-264. doi: 10.18805/ag.v36i4.6662.

Germination and seedling emergence are the critical stages in the plant life cycle. Insufficient seedling emergence and inappropriate stand establishment are the main constraints in the production of crops which receiving less rainfall. Farmers do not have sufficient resources to meet the requirement of seedbed preparation for sowing and they are at more risk as compared to progressive farmers. On the other hand good establishment increases competitiveness against weeds, increases tolerance to drought period, increase yield and avoids the time consuming need for re-sowing that is costly too. It is well accepted fact that priming improves germination, reduces seedling emergence time and improves stand establishment. A method to improve the rate and uniformity of germination is the priming or physiological advancement of the seed lot. The general purpose of seed priming is to partially hydrate the seed to a point where germination processes are begun, but they would exhibit rapid germination when re-imbibed under normal or stress conditions. A lot of work has been done on seed priming and results of these studies indicate well the importance of priming to get a good crop stand in many crops of tropical region such as rice, maize, sorghum and pigeon pea.

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