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Agricultural Reviews, volume 32 issue 3 (september 2011) : 228 - 232


Vijay Kumar*, Chandrashekhar S. Patil, Raghvendra Kumar Sharma
1Dairy Cattle Breeding Division National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal-132001, India
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Cite article:- Kumar* Vijay, Patil S. Chandrashekhar, Sharma Kumar Raghvendra (2024). BOVINE FACTOR XI DEFICIENCY: A RECESSIVE DISORDER IN HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN CATTLE- A REVIEW. Agricultural Reviews. 32(3): 228 - 232. doi: .
Bovine Factor XI Deficiency is one of the most important recessive hereditary disorder of Holstein cattle. It is characterized by prolonged bleeding, anemia, greater prevalence of repeat breeding, or even lower resistance to pneumonia, mastitis and metritis resulting in reduced reproductive performance and increased susceptibility to disease. The molecular basis of this coagulopathy has been recognized in Holstein cattle as a 76-bp insertion in the coding region of the FXI gene. This disorder has an adverse impact on reproductive traits and udder health in cattle. The only way to avoid economic losses is through an early detection of carriers.  The use of PCR based molecular technologies promises quick detection of carriers enables their culling and thus controlling and preventing the spread of FXI deficiency in the population.
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