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Agricultural Reviews, volume 32 issue 2 (june 2011) : 127 - 133


U. Barman*, B. Kumar1
1Dept. of Extension Education, Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat - 785 013, India.
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Cite article:- Barman* U., Kumar1 B. (2024). REQUIREMENT OF FACILITATION SKILLS OF EXTENSION PERSONNEL UNDER ATMA - A REVIEW. Agricultural Reviews. 32(2): 127 - 133. doi: .
After analyzing the weaknesses of Training and Visit system, Government of India reformed the extension approach through introduction of Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA). It follows group approach of extension. Under this system, the role of extension personnel is changed from expert to facilitator. In this changing scenario, extension personnel must develop skills on facilitation.  In this paper, attempt has been made to review why facilitation skills are necessary for extension personnel under ATMA.
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