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Agricultural Reviews, volume 33 issue 2 (june 2012) : 165 - 169


K.C.Verma*, Nisha Juneja
1Lovely Professional University, Phagwara-444 402, India
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Cite article:- K.C.Verma*, Juneja Nisha (2024). JATROPHA CURCAS L.: MULTIPURPOSE BIOFUEL PLANT - A REVIEW. Agricultural Reviews. 33(2): 165 - 169. doi: .
Jatropha curcas, member of family Euphorbiaceae is an upcoming energy source, which promises to mitigate energy crisis and environmental pollution. Jatropha seeds (0.4-12 tons/ha/yr) contain oil (30-40%) which is non edible due to the toxins such as phorbol esters, trypsin inhibitors, lectins and phylates. Jatropha oil is looked up in terms of availability and cost and also has several applications and enormous economic benefits. Its oil has medicinal properties. Oil from seeds can be used for making biodiesel by the process of transesterification. This production process results in a wide range of by-products which can be used for several purposes: Cosmetics, toothpaste, ornament, potential feed stock, soil enrichment manure, pipe joint cement and cough medicine. The seed cake, rich in nitrogen is an excellent source of plant nutrients.
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