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Agricultural Reviews, volume 33 issue 1 (march 2012) : 62 - 69


Parveen Kumar, Suneel Sharma, Rajpal Singh Dalal
1Department of Horticulture CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar-125004, India
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Cite article:- Kumar Parveen, Sharma Suneel, Dalal Singh Rajpal (2024). CITRUS DECLINE IN RELATION TO SOIL-PLANT NUTRITIONAL STATUS - A REVIEW. Agricultural Reviews. 33(1): 62 - 69. doi: .
A retrospective overview of work done on the citrus decline in relation to soil plant nutritional status in different growing belts of the world was taken up. Soil fertility was found one of the major constraints induced by soil pH, salinity and calcium carbonate etc. contributing to citrus decline. Nutrients like N, P, K, Fe, Mn, Zn and B were of major significance in citrus decline and should be a part of the fertilization programme on a regular basis.  Nutritional contents in order of their increasing or decreasing influence on fruit yield and would further help to evolve a more purposeful nutrient management programme and thereby counter citrus decline effectively.
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