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Agricultural Reviews, volume 35 issue 2 (june 2014) : 130-135


G.R. Gowane*, Maya Nangre1
1Animal Genetics Division, Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar, Bareilly– 243 001, India
Cite article:- Gowane* G.R., Nangre1 Maya (2024). DIFFERENTIAL DISPLAY OF EUKARYOTIC mRNA- DEVELOPMENT AND APPLICATIONS - A REVIEW . Agricultural Reviews. 35(2): 130-135. doi: 10.5958/0976-0741.2014.00090.7.
Gene expression and regulation in eukaryotes is a complex mechanism. In each of eukaryotic cells, hardly 10-15% of the genes are turned on at any instance of time. Understanding the genomic information in the future will depend on tools that can study the differential expression of the genes. Differential Display depends on very simple principles of the molecular biology such as reverse transcription and PCR. Developments such as Fluorescent Differential Display and digital output have further increased its prospects. It is an important tool that has helped thousands of researchers to interpret gene expression patterns in eukaryotes. It has already played a major role to detect the novel genes for cancer and many medical disorders, developmental biology, evolution and so on. Use of this technique in animal science research is awaited, but has better prospects.Animal sciences, Differential display, Gene expression.
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